Leap of Faith…

Hi friends,

This is my first blog, so please bear me.

What comes into your mind read Leap of faith; Adrenaline activities, Sports, Life altering event..? Not so cliche bro!!! It’s about food trail. Now you may think what’s so adventure and scary in that… Wait and read along. I am sure by the end of this, you will go through roller coaster of emotions like we did.

The important thing we consider which symbolizes student life is hangouts with friends but let’s not forget the cool cousins we hang out with for entire life.

Here is a story about such cousin.

So 5 yrs. back then… Our hangouts increased when I was in high school.  It was usually to try new places and taste delicacies.

In my area, a mall had been just built, and it became a place students gathered the most, so I suggested her to go there… Worst recommendation ever.  As we entered food court of the mall, we saw various restaurants there; out of them we decided to go to a restaurant whose specialty was “Frankie”. We ordered veg-Frankie and paid, in our mind we made various pictures about how that was going to be. We pictured the stuffing – cooked smashed potatoes, onion, with green chutney. Alas!! And then… we got our roll with only cooked smash potato. My cousin gave look of betrayal.


Please first check your order then pay.

In next round when visited that same mall we ordered desserts, both of us different combinations, just like above we first paid then collected. When we received our order we noticed that our desserts were same, we brought to notice to the person in charge but he refused to accept that order was wrong . So we took our desserts to enjoy!!! Wrong move bro.Again, after tasting it we thought normal restaurant would have served our dessert better.

Damn again, “why you never learn from mistakes!!”  I thought. But this time both of us were giving each other betrayal looks. None of us were backing down…


OKK now let’s talk about the trip with our families. We went to a temple which is quite far away from city, while returning we stopped by a place which is famous for fish. Don’t worry nothing happened here.


it happened after we left this place as my cousin refused to have anything in this place, hardest part being vegetarian you know. So after we left that place we stopped at a restaurant claiming pure veg, it seemed new. We entered; my cousin went through menu and ordered Malai Kofta. Before I tell you further incident…

Always check:

  1. If restaurant is new
  2. If it fulfills above point then no. of people visiting the restaurant
  3. Visiting time
  4. If you’re with travel guide, ask the guide or before travelling at least make sure to read reviews about restaurant in that area

So coming back for this restaurant we checked none of the above points and bam!!!!!! First, Her order took 30 min and Second, That dish had a different smell. I looked at her and shamelessly started to smile. I couldn’t stop laughing when she looked at me.

Our Telepathy conversation

Untitled presentation (1)

Untitled presentation (2)

Untitled presentation (3)

Untitled presentation (4)

Untitled presentation (5)

Untitled presentation (6)

Untitled presentation (7)

She had her first slice of kofta with chapatti and again looked at me, telepathy conversation continued..

Untitled presentation (8)

Untitled presentation (9)

Untitled presentation (10)

Untitled presentation (11)

Untitled presentation (12)

Untitled presentation (13)

Untitled presentation (14)

To my Horror she announced before everyone that how it would be nice if i would join her to finish the dish.


I had to… I repeat I had to take a chapatti and tasted a piece of kofta with gravy; Basically milk gravy bro… It was the most horrible taste I ever had… That too after I had Fish.
Then i looked at her, she had look of revenge being fulfilled.



Oh oh and on top of it…
While all of this was going on my mom was clicking pictures of ours and with great efforts we were trying not to show our disappointment.
With some efforts we finished it, again bad decision. Next day, i vomited 5 times and she was ill.

Moral of story – always check reviews

Now from above stories you guys might have come to know about our adventures and their results….

Next week we again visited new restaurant that has opened recently. Finger crossed we enter the restaurant. We found ambiance very good but still in back our minds we were concerned. We ordered pizza and a dish. We were fooling around while our dishes were being prepared. As our first order pizza arrived, our heart beats increased. We both took first bite of the dish ……  we felt the bells ringing. But it was AMAZING bro. We felt that it was best thing we ever tasted while finishing we also waited for our second order (can’t remember the name). Our 2nd ordered dish arrived, even that turned out to be AMAZING.


So here:

  • We got exactly what we imagine after seeing a picture of the dish.
  • Correct order
  • No bad taste or smell
  • All this within the time.

Best restaurant ever. We felt victorious at our first try at new restaurant. So guys!! there it is…. I would love to hear from you, So do share your views in below comment section. Till then take care.. Au revoir.

Pics source: pixabay.com

One thought on “Leap of Faith…

  1. Your story reminded me of one my incidence..wen i visited a restaurant with my family and ordered veg food and later figured out they were serving pork and lamba..and this made us to leave the table right there 😛 …between keep sharing your stories..I really like it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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