A Trip to North India

Recalling the past, I am confused from where should I start?!!

It was the moment when our college announced Industrial visit + trip package. I first thought, “All activities are excluded from package yet so expensive, not worth it!”. I announced my opinion to my friends and parent. Obviously they paid no attention. Unfortu… Wait Fortunately!!!

What sort of trip it is!! Hardly any sleep, less time to explore places and so many things excluded which were expected in the package. Only a fool will fall for such package trip…. And I was one of those fools…


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For my Parents it was educational… IV you know 😂, or my friends a vacation and for me a waste of time! Blunt as it is!! And yet I went to  the IV; Thanks to my friends and yeah parents who sponsored it.  I visited home 5 days before the trip. I made list of things which I need to take for trip and packed in  such a way that even the things I Shop would fit. I believe in “travel light”.

1st day of trip:

Left for station. We met our coordinator and were asked to sign on attendance sheet. A Flash from my friends camera made me realize that trip has already started. We were divided into a group and told to get together at platform no. 12, which was 3 platforms away from where we stood. Just as we reached our tour operator realized his mistake and informed us that train will arrive at platform no. 7.

“Great start” I thought sarcastically 

We stood over platform 7 and planned that girls will climb train first and boys will wait and put everyone’s luggage in train and then climb, it proved effective.

2nd Day of trip:

Day passed in train journey. During evening time all of us decided to order meal for everyone. After deciding the meal we formed a plan where few members will pay and collect and the rest will wait in boggy to protect everyone’s luggage. When train stopped at the station, I noticed my friends expression changing from excitement to disappointment, as the person who ordered got a call that the parcel could not be received at the current station.


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We were hungry beast waiting for our meal and next station was about one hour; fortunately at the same time a vendor had come to sell biryani. Savoir!!!  . We had biryani and at next station we received our meal.Reached Chandigarh by 1:00 and half an hour after that left for Shimla by bus. Bus took break and stopped by a dhabba. I was awoken by spicy smell of Maggi by late night and it came to my notice that it was 3 in morning. Cold chilly winds + Maggi= Amazing combination. After break we climbed the bus and next stop was Shimla.

3rd Day of trip:

A wave of chilly wind woke me up and we realized our arrival in Shimla.


when we almost reached Shimla.

From bus to hotel I was shivering like hell!! Our room was Cold.  No kidding!! Ice cold water, Cold Furniture. I mean wherever we touched we felt like ice.


source: giphy.com

For first time in my life i wished i had same powers like king Midas where whatever I touched should feel hot at least… warm.

Bus ride nmstravelo

Sights during bus ride from Shimla to Kufri.

Journey to Kufri was pleasant. All of us gathered Kufri guide, our coordinator, tour guide while they were bargaining for the ride. It was decided all 3 points, Khechar ride, car ride till Khechar point and gumboots for 650 INR.. Expensive!! I know! As we were waiting for our ride, we met people who stayed in our hotel. We were honored by the first words they said “don’t get fooled by them …. There are two packages one 350 and one 650. So don’t go by 650 as 350 package include same things…” My friends felt betrayed  and I was ..  . 

Khechar nmstravelo

Khechar ride.

Then we reached the top riding a smelly khechar. We finished adventure activities and were returning, on the way my friend dared to do shopping even though we were late, Brave soul  . Reached hotel by 9 then had dinner and went to our rooms. My friend refused to go our room, just like frog she hopped from one room to another and came to our room late night.

4th Day of trip:

Came to know in morning that my friend who was ill was sent back home.. Poor soul, Guys it’s important to be fit before travelling. Rest of day got wasted on travel from Shimla to Manali. It was a long journey. We arrived at Manali at 9:30 pm. Compared to the hotel we got at Shimla this hotel proved better.We finished our day by going to bed early.

5th Day of trip:

This day my emotion changed from euphoria to being impressed and finally to tired. On our way to Solang Valley, we stopped at a shop where we rented clothes.

Solang Valley nmstravelo

We reached Solang valley.

As we reached Solang valley we bargained with the guides there for activity package, it was finally decided for 500 per person. Yeah drive us money less…. . The top of Solang valley was mesmerizing; it was covered in snow sheet, we did our activities and my friends decided photo shoots from a photographer at 100 rupees per person for every 10 pics. Yes no print photos, she was not happy with the pics so I suggested that I can try. Hearing that she said we can have our photos free… Oops!. As we were busy in rest of our activities. It Snowed!! 


Source: giphy.com

I was so into that I never realized we were late. From there we went to a place which is famous for hot spring and from there we left for mall road for shopping. Reached mall road by 7 did shopping till 7:45. And I found it great to shop with my friends as I witnessed my friends bargaining power. Reached hotel by 8. So I thought another long day over until I got a shocking news that we were going to leave for Amritsar tonight. It’s going to be a long night.

6th Day of trip:

6th day was again long one. Reached Amritsar by afternoon, by evening went to Jallianwala bagh and then golden temple. In Jallianwala Bagh I felt heavy after looking at holes in the walls and remembering it’s history.. Painful! Other way I felt enchanted when I visited golden temple.

Golden temple nmstravelo

Beautiful Golden Temple.

My friends are great shopaholics, so much that due to shopping in the market we missed Langar and later settled for pizza… Seriously!!! 

7th day of trip:

We visited Coca-Cola factory, actual IV!! and came to know the manager had studied from Pune, wow great news i thought. From there we went to Wagah border. Our train got cancelled and some of our heroes volunteered to cancel tickets of 100 students and rebook them. They were worth of appreciation as…

Indian citizen feels sense of Patriotism in:

  • Independence Day
  • Republic day
  • Indo-Pak cricket match
  • Wagha border

I felt patriotic just by being there. And those people sacrificed it… hats off to you guys! And to the ladies out there who are dating, if your guys sacrifices the above 4 things just to be with you, he is gem don’t leave him.

wink nmstravelo

source: pixabay.com

Same day left for Chandigarh.

8th day of trip:

Rested and explored Chandigarh; Rock garden, Sukhna lake. Worth visit! Our tour officially ended here and then we were preparing for return journey. Next two days were our return journey by train. Due to last minute reservation we had to share 3 people per seat.During train journey, I realized I am much more flexible than I imagined.


source: pixabay.com

I slept in very little space on top most train berth hanging by the belt, rest was occupied by my friend.

At the end of trip I was grateful that I chose to come to trip as i learned many things and lived those moments. Travelling is one of the best Medicine guys.  Share your views below in comments and I will make sure to read it. Till then Au Revoir.

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